Project Elijah Empowering Autism

From The Founder

In 2001, Eric D. Williams Sr. son Elijah at age three (now 21) was diagnosed with autism. A loving father Eric always wanted the best for his children. Being new to the autism world, Eric and his family quickly became frustrated with the lack of available autism resources.

Eric focused his attention on areas of development that affected Elijah the most and began doing research on autism related programs.  After years of extensive research Eric discovered there were no such programs that exist in his community, statewide and nationally.

Eric created an after school survey and distributed it in Elijah's school. Within a few months the survey had circulated in a few schools and the overwhelming responses indicated there is a need for such a program.

In 2004,  with no knowledge of autism based programs nor operating a non-profit organization, Eric relied on his faith, passion and motivation.  As a result, Project Elijah Empowering Autism (PEEA) was found.  

PEEA's focus is to provide daily resources to children and families who are faced with autism.. With autism spreading at such an alarming rate, it's unacceptable not to have proper facilities for our children while the experts search for a cure.

PEEA began hosting monthly support meetings for families, care providers and anyone interested in learning about autism. In addition to the support groups, PEEA facilitated monthly arts/crafts workshops, athletics and local field trips.

Currently, PEEA host programs and activities who are faced with autism on a daily basis in low to moderate communities. Low to moderate meaning limited resources and not financial income.

​Under the PEEA umbrella is: Promoting Education Enhancing Athletics, Parade Environment Enrichment Area

and People Everyday Enjoying Autism 

With  faith, hope,  love and dedicated individuals, PEEA will someday be a household name in the autism community.

​Eric D. Williams Sr.


"Rich from effort & not by fortune"